TFA was incorporated on 10th august 2016 but started from a savings group Friend of Friends Uganda (FOFU) which started on 1st, March 2015 as we gathered to celebrate the success of our senior six results in Entebbe at Ambrose`s home, participants included Kagga Paul, Tusingwiire Ambrose, Bukenya David, Gibogi Wycliff and Agaba Brenda amongst which the idea of saving and investing for the future was discussed and arranged ourselves into different responsibilities under the leadership of Mr Kagga Paul, the number kept on growing and as well some members dropped during the process.

After some short time at the university we thought of how best we could help other youth out there to prepare for the future earlier, and decided to come up with an NGO (Together for Africa) cutting across different sectors of the nation i.e. agriculture, education, science and technology, medical among others to connect both the educated at any levels with those who aren’t to come together and put up the available resources to use in order to raise strong African youths.

Our Core Values


Ensuring a very strong adherence to all our activities, responsibilities and roles without any strict supervision.


Offering beyond just ourselves by foregoing all extravagant spending for the betterment of fellow African youths.


A special kind of dedication towards service irrespective of any circumstances.

Team Work

United as a team to uplift the Africa’s youth potentials

Core Objectives

  • To cause a positive impact onto the communities where we operate i.e. clean water and sanitation, health and insurance, food security and entrepreneurship.
  • To empower the youths to become fully responsible citizens of the nation.
  • To promote peace and security on the African continent by standing against all activities that are a threat.
  • To ensure financial literacy among the youths by encouraging them to save and invest so as to be able to contribute to the direct development of their countries through paying taxes and other related activities.
  • To advocate for a quality education system affordable to all and dynamic with contemporary society needs.
  • To promote nationalism/ patriotism through sub regional interaction so as to create learning of values, culture and democratic principles for development.
  • To encourage creativity and innovation among the youth in-that they be able to come up with new technological and logical approaches to solve their community challenges.
  • To cooperate and partner with government agencies, ministries, sectors and departments plus other organisations both local and international that might be willing to walk with us in line with the set objectives.
  • To carry out capacity building of our staff and other grass root youth led organisations.
  • To ensure accountability of all our activities, funds and the impact to the communities.