Under our education program we have only three projects one where we advocate for quality education after conducting surveys and researches on different aspects and how they affect learning and teaching in the education sector. We provide these evidences to the government education sector, advise and suggest improvements in the sector to favour learning and teaching. We also partner with development partners to build education centres (schools and early childhood development centres) in communities with little or no schools at all. We do this along with other partnering organisations and government agencies, ministries and departments.

We do skiills training to avail an opportunity to young people who were not able to acquire a skill due to different challenges so that they are able to also earn a living. We currently concentrate on fashion and design, computer skills and hair dressing, however we have hope of adding more skills and having a permanent institution with time. The skills are given at no charge.

We also have another project under education called educate a child (#EducateAchild). Here we raise funding and sponsor children’s education. We don’t segregate according to race, colour, gender or abilities. We conduct evaluations and after a complete due diligence we get the child onto our program and follow up the child right from home to school with help of liaison officers, child protection and the legal teams to avoid any abuse of any form to these children. We do not separate the children from their families but work hand in hand to see that they can boost their financial standards.