We carry out different projects in different communities in sectors such as health and sanitation, access to clean water, agriculture, skills training, incubation of new businesses, management and leadership training, etc.

Incubator Project

We are developing a solar powered incubator and already done with the prototype and tested it to be at 98% efficiency, we hope to improve this with more funding and also expand it to becoming an incubator making plant where we shall still transfer these skills to the youths, and also help solve the unstable power system problems which hinder poultry in some different African countries.

Water & Sanitation Project

We advocate for clean water supplies in local areas and partner with different organisations, local and central governments to find means of how to avail clean water facilities to the affected areas. We carry out mass sensitisation mobilised by the youths to address the different problems of their community that are related to sanitation.


We carry out activities like summits and come together feasts where we call upon different youths in a certain bracket for example the educated, uneducated, skilled and unskilled since we believe they all have different mind sets so we don’t mix. We encourage them, motivate challenge and inspire them to basically work in groups, star saving which is intended to invest transfer different kinds of skills unto them among others.

Educate a Child Project


We normally reach out to the children in sun urban areas of Uganda and cater for their school expenses in agreement with the school management and parents based on the pupil’s talent, passion, academic performance and the situations at their homes with reference from their schools. [...]

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Skills Training

We partner with different skilled individuals and entities to help us transfer such skills to certain groups of unskilled youths and also help them get employed or start up their own after mastering all. We hope to set up an established skills training centre for carpentry, tailoring, hair dressing and cosmetology, soaps, books and candle making.


We invest in agriculture crops production where we engage the different unemployed youths in the nearby areas where we set up these gardens but also encourage the youths to head these projects so as we just monitor them doing the work and we hope to mechanise and also increase on the scale in the near future so as we can permanently employ and also provide garden materials, herbicides and seeds & seedlings to those who may wish to start up their own after seeing its profitable and possible as well.


We have so far run the tests and we’re yet to coming up with a poultry facility where we shall be incubating different farmers eggs for free, provide the initial stock to the legible youths for business also for free and extend services like veterinary services and other related ones to them so as we get their passion back to this kind of business and due to a rising demand of poultry in the continent.