In line with our mission vision and core objectives we finance ourselves and sometimes seek for funding to help implement different projects and out reaches in form of summits where different youths between the age of 15 – 35 years in different areas are reached and motivated to save as early as possible and empowered to carry out projects in their potential using different skills given unto them. We then follow them up mostly those who can organize themselves in saving groups and those with projects that are worth uplifting and keep in contact with them for any hardships that they may face along the way. Those with savings groups are given certain project goals and capital once they accumulate the required capital are then advised to invest and keep growing their bases through which some youths employ themselves. We also move to different secondary schools to motivate the students to keep in school and also advise them towards making informed choices both career-wise and financial discipline.

All members in TFA are entitled to a certain monthly subscription which is used to; first of all invest and then use a portion of the realized profits for re-investment and the other portion to activities of the organization like annual summits and come-together feasts targeting different youths and empowering them through motivation for mindset change, call for innovation, empowerment, encouraging the savings culture and investments.

Our Programmes

Youth Empowerment

Under this program we have a project called Mind-set change which is designed basically for the youth where we tickle their minds to think beyond their status and qualifications. We nature youth entrepreneurs, talents and innovation and invention skills to make them ably compete in the market place. We also conduct periodic youth summits and come together events where we get to know the different problems youths face and together we find solutions and follow them up as they apply these in their daily lives in order to raise their standards of living.

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Community Development

Under the community development program we look at vulnerable communities and find means of how to help them change their financial status. We have a full course of financial literacy with basics of how to handle and multiply the little money that they may be having. We latter group them into savings and investment groups with a small window for low interest loans and we follow up these groups and their investments to see that they are able to grow their finances and solve most of their needs. And because most of these communities are farmers we also bring unto them agricultural experts for further trainings who at times provide them with a seed that is share amongst them all and later they able to support themselves and enjoy a higher standard of living. We are always delighted to see these communities working together for a general cause that affects their entire communities.

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Under our education program we have only three projects one where we advocate for quality education after conducting surveys and researches on different aspects and how they affect learning and teaching in the education sector. We provide these evidences to the government education sector, advise and suggest improvements in the sector to favour learning and teaching. We also partner with development partners to build education centres (schools and early childhood development centres) in communities with little or no schools at all. We do this along with other partnering organisations and government agencies, ministries and departments.

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As part of the community development program we had most communities having farmers so we use this program to advocate, market, and encourage them to add value to their produces as well as connecting them to other agricultural services like veterinary services.

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